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Although gold prices are up by now in real-time, it still seems to be a slightly bad shape That is because it continues to trade lower, with a percentage fall of in the past 7 days it recovered. It is safe to that, in one way or another, it is trading and closing at the lowest price as far as this year is concerned.

In terms of global aspect, gold live price is rising by good percent to $1,527.50.   It is worth noting that there are various factors affecting the prices of gold. For starters, it changes few seconds and, at the same time, it involves an unlimited number of components. The latter simply plays a huge role in the overall price of the precious metal. Here are some of the reasons that bring changes to real time gold prices:

  • Buying power
  • Current events
  • Currency values
  • Market speculation
  • Supply and demand

Large entities – most especially governments – have proven to have substantial buying power. This subsequently impacts the price of gold in terms of an ounce, as well as the market itself. For instance, a government makes a huge gold purchase. The demand for the product could heavily impact the gold spot market price immediately. Supply and demand, on the other hand, is the one responsible for determining prices for commodities. And yes, the price of the transition metal is of no exception. For investors who regularly buy and sell gold, it is really important to stay up to date with every fluctuation in order to achieve financial success.